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The Ballet Blog

Lisa has always been invested in the improvement of young dancers, and as a physiotherapist has seen too many dancers injured doing what they love. All too often, many dancers would come and see Lisa for the same injuries. She started to see patterns in why these injuries were occurring and was dismayed to see how little accessible information there was out there for dancers to train safely. So she decided to create a solution and developed The Ballet Blog. An online resource designed specifically for dancers, this website tackles dance injuries with high quality information to support dancers from the beginning to the end of the rehab process. It also helps non-injured dancers refine their technique, improve strength and flexibility in all areas to achieve their goals!

What People Are Saying

Michael Pannone

West Shore Wellness, RI, USA

"Accessing this information and putting the information into practice, I am experiencing another dimension of quality and refinement to my practice of responsibility for my health outcomes.

Hilary Smith


"Now with Front Splits Fast I have a heap of new understanding about my body's systems and how they connect. Lisa explains things really clearly, and gives practical advice that is easy to follow. After three sessions, I feel amazing!"

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